Jumping from Swing


Are pets allowed?

Yes! Here is our pet policy: - We charge a fee of $5 per dog per day and a $25 cleaning fee. - Maximum of 2 small dogs (under 10lbs) or 1 large dog in our accommodations. - Please keep your pets off furniture including couches, beds, and boat seats. - Dogs must be on a short leash at all times and the leash must be attached to YOU. - Please do not leave your pup tied up alone at your cabin or RV site. - No Pit Bulls, American Terriers, Pit mixes, or anything resembling a Pit Bull. - Any dog that shows aggression towards other dogs or people WILL NOT be allowed back. We love dogs and we understand that dogs occasionally bark. Please remember that everyone has come here to relax, so if your furry friend tends to bark, please consider finding a sitter so you can relax too. Thank you!

Do you have a cancellation policy?

You may cancel 30 days in advance for a full refund. If you cancel less than 30 before your scheduled stay, you do forfeit your deposit. Sorry, We are not responsible for the weather or other acts of God, man or nature.

Do you have boat rentals?

Yes! Visit our Activities Page to see what we have available for rent.

How many cars can we bring?

You are allowed 1 vehicle per site or cabin. The center RV spots are large enough for a second vehicle in most situations. We have some over flow parking inside the gate, but when that is full, extra vehicle must be parked outside the gate. Please keep in mind that our outside parking is limited as well, so please try to minimize your vehicles as much as possible.

Do you allow company or Day use?

We only allow guest that are staying the night on the property. We are sorry but we do not allow company to come just for the day or even just to drop in for a couple of hours. If we allow one person to have company, we have to allow everyone, and then we would have twice the population on the property.

What kind of fish are in the lake? Do you need a fishing license?

Yes, you are required to have a fishing license. We are stocked monthly by California Department of Fish and Wildlife with trout. The stock from our dock 9 months out of the year. We also have Bass, Bluegill and Carp in our lake.

Do you have a store on site?

We do not have a “store” on site. We do sell a few little things in the office. Mainly, ice, charcoal, sodas, ice cream, and all the fishing supplies you need.

Do you allow fires?

Wood fires are not allowed. You can use a propane fire pit if you bring one. We do a group campfire on Friday nights during the summer months and sometimes more often in the winter, weather permitting.

What is the best way to come down Blue Lakes Rd?

We recommend trailers/RV or bigger vehicles enter and exit from the West side of the lake, or the Ukiah side. It is a little longer, but it is a little wider. Please abide by our check in and out times.

How do I get access through the gate when I get there?

Yes we do have a locked gate. You just need to call the number on the gate when you arrive and we will get you in as quickly as possible. If we don’t answer right away, be patient, we will! On busy check in days we usually have someone posted at the gate. You must check in before 9pm.

Can I come and go after I check in?

Yes, you are welcome to leave anytime you need to. The gate opens automatically when you pull up close to it. When you come back you just call the number on the gate and let us know you are returning. We do not let cars in after 10pm or before 9 am. If you arrive outside of those hours and you are already a guest with us, you can park outside the gate and you will have already received a code to the “walking gate.”

Is there a map of the campsites?